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Commom Errors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Commom Errors - Essay ExampleI would have the student review 8x9 and 9x8 just to ensure that they realize that each problem has the same answer.Next, student 2 has issues bringing down the proper numbers upon the first round of subtraction. This clearly is a result of misplacement. Placement is crucial in massive division because if the student places the quotient in the wrong place, the entire problem is ruined The third student has misplaced the quotient from the start and thus ruined his chances for a sort out answer. This student too needs assistance in placement. He does, however have the mechanics in hand thus is in better status than the second student.The best way to verify the errors made by the students is to work out the problem with them. As the student is reviewing their work with you, you can gage whether the mistake was a chance happening or whether the student truly is not comprehending the task. Have the student multiply their incorrect quotient by the divisor a nd they will absorb it for themselves. Better yet, after the student has seen his/her error after the attempted multiplication of the quotient and divisor, have the student do the division problem with you and explain their steps to you as they do it.The best way to correct the mistake presented in the three referenced problems is practice, practice and more practice.

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Literature review topic Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Literature review topic - Coursework ExampleThe ear of fish was according to its water environment, and that of lizard is according to aerial environment. (Fay, 2008).Heart is main organ of supplying blood to all the body organs. The position of heart is also contrary in contrastive genus as rise up as the number of chambers. Amphioxus did not contain a true heart, except there were only blood vessels in different body parts that were divided to circulate blood in their specified organs. As the evolution went on, the animals started to grow a well-developed and distinct organ that has divisions. These chambers ar atria and ventricle in mammals (Marcos S. Simes-Costaa, 2005).Even the atria and ventricles atomic number 18 divided as right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle and left ventricle. These chambers do not bear any mixing of blood and there is a very less chance that oxygenated blood can get mixed with deoxygenated blood. The heart of amphioxus(genius Branchiostoma) w as not well shaped but it is now a very regular organ in mammals like horse(genus Equus). (Jos Xavier-Neto, 2010).Prokaryotes are single celled organisms that do not do cellular organelles. They are simple in composition while eukaryotic are complex in nature. They comprise bacteria cells. For movement, they have flagella or cilia. Although they are living, but they do not have well developed systems and specialized organs. They have simple mode of living. Their circulatory, respiratory, etc. all systems are simplest of all organisms. With the evolutionary process, they have been changed to eukaryotes, the most developed organisms of the world. The eukaryotic organisms are very much advance and they have organelles specialized for specific functions. They contain chloroplast, ribosome, mitochondria and many other special structures that are specified to do special works. Chloroplast is used in the process of photosynthesis. Mitochondrion is the

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Good Faith and English Contract Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Good Faith and English Contract Law - Essay ExampleGood faith is vital concept in law and it is a prime essence in castrateual dealings. Persons are expected to act in dear(p) faith for fair dealings in day-to-day work cartels. The concept of good faith has a large bearing on contract law as well as law of obligations. In contract law good faith is indispensable element. Though the contract is formed with free consent or free will good faith is native from contract1.1. An institutional competent belongings When good faith is viewed from this dimension in England the institutions of the law, which are the courts, interpret good faith according to needs for commentary justice. thereby giving room for arbitrary decisions. If the doctrine of good faith introduced in law of contract there would be judicial restraint, judges loose the closeness of interpreting the concept. Their discretionary powers are restricted. Simultaneously equitable flexibility is also affected.2. Formal dim ension When we view the good faith in formal dimension it appears as vague. When it is vague it is difficult to define the good faith to introduce into contract law. The term good faith has vague meaning, lot of efforts are to make to define the good faith to make it as a statute. ... Presently the Judges use this term in various occasions in rendering the justice using their profound experience and after legitimate study of the case. The vagueness of the term is cured with their professional knowledge and profound experience before the get ahead of good faith is extended to the deserved.3. Substantive dimension Substantive dimension refers to the contractual ethics. Contractual ethics imposes duty of good faith on the espial parties. When such ethics are broken what is remedy Like any ethics contracting ethics are moral of the individuals, which they are supposed to elapse up. The contract law does not interfere on morals. When good faith, which is vital element in business cont racts is left to the ethics, which is not protected under the contract law the interest of the parties is at risk. This risk can be avoided by introducing the doctrine of good faith into contract law. Historically good faith functioned as a binding element between people by formless contracts (pacta nuda) even if there was no written contracts, to confer priority to the intention of parties and contractual terms than their literal meaning. Such contracts inclined to substantive fairness qua the intended meaning of the contract. Contract is defined in English contract law Since the good faith is a vital element in all contracts it is essential to have a brief view of what how contract is confined under the comment in English law. As per this definition, the essential ingredients of contract are a) consensus ad idem, b) consideration, c) legal object, d) capacity to contract. Apart from these, another ingredient i.e. intention of the parties is also of the essence(p)

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Lululemon's exploration of England Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Lululemons exploration of England - Case Study ExampleLululemon is a premium brand offered at premium prices which make it burn down to impossible for the competitors to imitate. Lululemon believes on community involvement in its business and thus allows others to imitate its products or technology used to manufacture products. This business practice is in alignment with Lululemons doing-the-right-thing initiative. The aim was to support community members to take an active part in achieving excellence in healthy habits. But the competitors find it sticky to imitate Lululemons products or strategies because it is very costly and requires a great set of skills to produce a Lululemons product.The way Lululemon has structured its organizational pecking order facilitates smooth functioning of the business. The headquarter is stationed in Canada where the product designing and concept manipulation is carried out. Moreover, the headquarters also handles the financial controlling function of the business. Whereas the business in Australia, new-sprung(prenominal) Zealand, and the United States is handled by the respective authorities in these countries so as to provide these subsidiaries autonomy over their business practices. This is beneficial in a manner, that it provides a room for the business to adopt the local taste and social structure to market products in an efficient manner. Although, the control of business related matter is in the hand of management of these local subsidiaries, the product manufacturing and financial controlling is still taken care by the head office.

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The 2002 failure of Enron corporation and Arthur Anderson Co, their Essay

The 2002 failure of Enron corporation and Arthur Anderson Co, their auditors - Essay ExampleThis study discusses what happened with Enron, defines the problems that plague the tall profile corporation, present solutions and alternatives, as well as give a sweeping opinion on how the problems could have been solved or avoided in the starting signal place from this researchers perspective al peerless.Enron Corporation was an American energy company and considered as one of the worlds leading electricity, natural gas, pulp and paper, and communications group of companies. It claimed $111 billion revenues in 2000 and Fortune magazine accorded it Americas Most Innovative Company for six consecutive years, employing around 21,000 people. Enron started out as Northern Natural Gas Company in the early 1930s at Omaha, Nebraska. It became an organized holding company Internorth in 1980s, and then it purchased Houston Natural Gas in 1985 of which Kenneth Lay became the chief executive officer . The unite company was named Enron and was involved in transmission and distribution of electricity and gas throughout the United States. It also engaged in the development, construction and operation of violence plants, pipelines, and other infrastructure worldwide. It of later market and promoted communication bandwidth commodities and other derivatives and grew in opulence behind inflated, fraudulent and non-existent financial reports. Enron declared bankruptcy in late 2001. By 1995 accountants at Arthur Andersen knew Enron was a high-risk client who pushed them to do things they were not comfortable doing. Critics have identified the complicated management approach as one of the culprits that caused Enrons collapse. Initially, the company performed extensive diversification to expand its product and service lines. Because of the strategy, the company experienced robust growth and gained reputation as a multi-dimensional whole. In addition, the firm continued to evolve its b usiness model. Considering the unpredictable circumstances and calculated risks, Enron was successful on paper. This was reflected in the financial reports suggesting the extent of growth in the financial cogency of the company. Specifically, the level of stocks reported by the company has skyrocketed. The information provided by the Enron 10-K annual report suggests that it was only in 1997 that the company experienced a decline. According to mob Hecker, one of the investors of Enron, Andersen had noesis on the nature of Enrons operations. The company even branded Enron as a high risked firm that is willing to do all factor required to achieve its goals. Moreover, Hecker described the relationship of the Andersen employees to Enron. In the exact words, Hecker said Managers in the doorway, thinking out of the box. And I was thinking to myself, Ill bust by do-nothing and then Ill bust my rocks (Schepp, 2002). This satire showed how generously the employees of Andersen working fo r Enron were compensated and provided with great incentives.Moreover, Hecker described Enron as a lovely face and a fragile place. Basically, Hecker has knowledge on the true status of the company. Hecker even mentioned in the satire that the managers will soon bring their alibis to court. Precisely, Hecker highlighted the events that will happen years later

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Organisations and behaviour Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Organisations and behaviour - Assignment ExampleOrganizational structure is said to have a considerable influence on the organizational learning and outcome which can affect the efficiency and productivity of the employees (Hao, Kasper and Muehlbacher, 2012). A hierarchy is depicted in the exercise of pyramid where the ranking or the position of the individuals or employees signifies authority and power. The individuals at the top most level are known as top level managers who are responsible for managerial decision making and commanding over their subordinates. The middle level managers are responsible for managing the lower level managers and to check whether the actions are being executed as per the plans or not. The lower level managers are responsible for following the instructions and executing the actions. Traditionally, the organizations followed a hierarchical structure which unruffled of various layers and was also know as top down lift (Harley, n.d). The organization p ossessed a bureaucratic culture which signifies that the employees followed the policies and regulations laid down by the management stringently and the managers of the organization exhibited autocratic leadership approach (San Jose State University, 2009). It can be observed from the case study that Hawk Car club followed the traditional form of hierarchical structure which constituted of traditional policies and procedures, technology, lines of production and leadership approach. This led to the feeling of monotonousness among workers, which hampered the productivity of the workers. There was dissatisfaction among workers which led to lofty absenteeism and high turnover of staff. The functioning of the organization was not smooth and it witnessed difficulties in hiring of personnel. Scientific Taylor of management was introduced by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the year 1911 in a monograph named the Principles of Scientific wariness (TipLady, n.d). Taylorism is strongly associate d with mass production in the manufacturing factories. F.W Taylor adopted a name for this approach popularly known as Scientific Taylor of Management. It was a toil oriented approach which was meant for organizations that performed mass production especially in assembly line and fast food organizations. Taylorism approach also included other elements corresponding taking several(prenominal) rest breaks within their tasks. Although many philosophers agreed that the rest breaks would lower the productivity of the organizations, F. W Taylor claimed that rest breaks would have broken the monotony of the workers and alter the existing process. It can be observed from the case study that the pace and the productivity of the work process improved considerably after the introduction of several changes in the organization (Besson, 2000). There was a change in the factory layout, mechanistic procedure and several other management procedures. The management generally followed the Taylorism approach which suggested equitable distribution of tasks among the workers and empowerment of employees. Empowerment of employees lays emphasis on the fact that employees should be equally responsible in managerial decision making. This concept evolved from the charitable relation movement in the year 1920. After the Taylorism approach was introduced by the management of Hawk Car Company the situation improvised in the organizatio

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History Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

History Analysis - Essay ExampleImperialism is as well always associated with the autocratic rule of the empires (Johnston, The mental lexicon of Human Geography).The term empire basically denotes those nations, which have or had many of the countries or territories under its control. Few of the leading imperialist nations include enceinte Britain, United States of America, Russia and France.It is commonly perceived by the experts of the discipline that imperialism has greatly affected the development and the normal standard of living in the subordinate countries for ages. Even afterwards the dominating countries moved back from the conquered nations, the after affects of imperialism continued in lieu of the plights of the citizens of those nations.Among the global imperial powers, Britain deserves special mention. It is often a food for thought for the look scholars that how could such a small nation of Europe successfully rule almost all of the world for years. The history of B ritish Empire builds up as it establishes kin with Ireland, the America, the Caribbean Islands and India. Great Britain also had deep past of rivalry with the other imperial nations like that of the Netherlands, Portugal, France and Spain.The credit of setting up of slave trade also goes to the British Empire of West Indies (the Caribbean) and Africa. Apart from slavery, which is considered as the height of all oppressions, the ill effects of imperialism can also be understood through in-depth meditate of British Raj in India. One of the fast emerging economies and most promising democracies of the present world, India had been under British rule from 1757 till 1947. Great Britain built relationship with India through trade and formed British East India Company. Soon from the company, the powers were transferred to the government of UK. A country with huge stock of natural resources, India was virtually robbed of its resources. The scholars of the arena remarked